Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Product Review - Guzel Boutique

Back in May I had attended First Women's Annual Conference at Dar El Eman Mosque in south Arlington Texas. While I was working as a vendor there for my hijab business, I met two of the sweetest sisters who happened to have a table next to mine sister Arzu and Safae from Guzel Boutique. To be honest throughout the day I was oohing and awing over their beautiful Turkish hijabs, their style, and their amazing customer service. Being a huge fan of Turkish designs and especially of the laseri design I was squealing in delight ( internally of course) when I noticed they had some for grabs, along with a stunning array of clothing. So needless to say when there was a lull at my table I headed on over to see what they had up for grabs and I must say it was a hard choice as literally EVERYTHING they had available was stunning. I ended up settling on a gorgeous animal print laseri hijab and a lovely floral Turkish square hijab also from their boutique.

Personally I love my laseri scarf from Guzel Boutique, it's extremely soft and silk smooth, but has staying power if you can wrap well no pins are even needed with this stunning hijab. I love the texture of this hijab it will offer a very clean classic look to any outfit whether your dressing formal or casual. The length and width for me are perfect as well not being too short or too long, and neither too wide or too narrow. I absolutely love the unique look to this hijab and it will be a staple in my scarves for many days to come.

The ONLY downside I have seen wearing this hijab ( I have worn it about 5 times so far) for those familiar with Turkish hijab styles is the peak. If you want a peak with this style I would highly recommend to use a plastic form to create the peak then spray the hijab with a firm hold hair spray. If you do not like the peak then you can easily wrap the scarf flush against your head.

If you like this hijab and want to get oen for yourself or someone else you may purchase it from their website for $30.00 HERE!

Additionally if you are not a fan of animal print you can also find other options available in laseri style shawls by going Here! The range in prices from $25-30. I know some of you may be saying the price is too high but believe we the quality of their products supersedes the price, it is a purchase you will be happy with for many years to come.

 Turkish laseri hijab- Guzel Boutique $30.00 
Black Tunic - Rabia Z $89.95

The other stunning Hijab I purchased is a Turkish hijab measuring approx 95 x 95cm or approx 35 inches x 35 Inches. This hijab is branded Fonsera Istanbul and made of 100% Polyester with beautiful black piping all the way around the exterior of the hijab. Honesty I was quite surprised seeing it is made from polyester. This hijab is extremely soft and silky smooth giving a very classy and refined look to any outfit. Personally I am not the most expert wrapping the squared hijab so for me I do require pinning. I had worn this hijab all day which it stayed in place, never felt hot, and I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I was getting from strangers on this scarf asking where I got it.

Sadly this floral hijab does not seem to be available on their website, but you can get a variety of other turkish hijabs from there by visiting HERE.

I HIGHLY recommend to buy some gorgeous clothing, hijab, shoes, or handbags from Guzel Boutique, your money will be very wisely spent on a high quality item that will last you for a very long time. Aside from the scarves I would like to also mention how highly I think of the sisters running Guzel Boutique, their friendliness and customer service far exceeded most companies that I have dealt with.

Turkish Floral hijab - Guzel Boutique $20.00
Inner Jersey Hijab - Rabia Z. $24.95
Peach/Beige Tunic -  Rabia Z. $89.95

Mineral foundation - Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics $12.00
Eye shadows - Beauty from The Earth Cosmetics  $6.50
Eye Liner - Sephora $8.00
Lipstick - Sephora $12.00
Lip gloss - Clinique $15.00

You may Additionally like Guzel Boutique Fan page on Facebook HERE

What do you think of these hijabs? Have you purchased yours yet from Guzel?

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