Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Stick and Style Couture Hijab Pins and Accessories

Asalam alikoum ladies,

   I am sorry for not posting lately it has been a crazy couple months so I so apologize.

During the summer I purcased a few hijabs pins from the lovely Laura over at Stick and Style Couture Hijab Pins and Accessories which is a new up and coming handmade hijab pin and accessories company. I purchased the pins during one of her promotions of 3 pins for $15. Laura's pins are lovely a lot of love goes into each and everyone as per being made by hand.

The first one I have purchased is this gorgeous deep purple stone with amethyst accents. It meausres 3 inches aprox.

Get this pin HERE

The next one I purchased is this stunning little beauty a light pink jeweled chandelier drop pin. I have to say this one is my favorite, and goes with just about everything whether formal or not. This as with the first both measure approximately 3 inches long. The stick pins are strong on this one as well and easily stays in place with a stopper.

Last but not least this beauty aprox 6 inches long, I thought it might be too much but this one is a lot of fun to dress up a casual hijab and outfit. The only downside on this is with the stick pin being so long it tends to bend, and bend on first time but its still sharp and I am able to wear it with no real trouble.


Would I recommend Stick and Style Couture hijab pins? YES absolutely the price is very reasonable, Laura is so sweet and easy to communicate with, initially I changed my mind a couple times on products and was very happy with the customer service. The quality is excellent not to mention its fun having a unique item.

Which ones do you like? How would you wear them?

Their website Stick and stylepins

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