Sunday, May 27, 2012 Product Review

Asalam alikoum ladies,

    Back in March I and one other sister were chosen from several entries on Subhan Hijabs Facebook Fan Page to receive a few lovely products courtesy of Subhan Hijabs as well as I was gifted a very beautiful maxi from one of my dear friends from the same company.

For those of you who are not familiar with Subhan hijabs they are a Canadian based hijab company out of Toronto Canada. They offer a wide range of lightweight hijabs, as well as a variety of underscarves and gorgeous jewelry to complete your entire look at what I must say are extremely affordable prices.

I was sent in March 3 hijabs, 1 satin bonnet under scarf, and 1 pair of white half length sleeves. Unfortunately I did not take photos of a couple of the products before I donated them to some local sisters.

 I recieved a very lovely Pastel Blue Plain Crinkled Scarf. Which is a very ample 70 x 45 inches it is made of a viscose material. It is currently on sale on their website for a very low $6.00. Sadly I did not take a photo of it before gifting it to another sister as I already had a lot of blue hijabs. However here is a photo of the product from their website.

Get it HERE!!!

Another one of the hijabs I received as my winning prize is the Girly Girl hijab it is made of a very soft viscose material so its perfect for our hot Texas weather in Summer. I feel the coverage its perfect for me its not too long nor too short. The thing I really love with this hijab is its versatility as it can be styled many ways it goes will with neutrals or with your pinks blues and purples also. This scarf measures 66.9 inches and is 23.6 in width with a very low cost of only $7.50!!

See this hijab modeled below which is paired with a beautiful designer Rabia Z top from her Ruby Collection Get it HERE
 To purchase the Girly Girl Hijab go HERE!!

Another one of the hijabs I received though this was gifted to me by one of my dear sisters is the African Safari hijab in Olive, I cannot say enough how much I love this hijab the colors, how lightweight and comfortable it is to wear esp on hot days. Due to its length and width it offers a multitude of ways to be styled and played with. It is $8.00 and its dimensions are 66.9 inches long and 43.3 inches wide so this is great for the sisters who like either/or coverage and volume, it will give you both! This hijab is made of Polyester while not as soft as the Girly Girl hijab above I do love it equally.

See it modeled here: Again I have paired it with my all time favorite Rabia Z top which you can grab HERE

To Purchase the African Safari hijab in Olive you can get it here!!! They also have the same style available in a beautiful yellow so be sure to check them both out.

In short would I recommend them? Heck YES! I would have to be crazy not too!! They have extremely reasonable prices as well as great quality for the price. I love that they offer a flat rate shipping fee no matter how much you buy so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with paying a lot in shipping especially for some of you girls who may live overseas as there fee is only 10.50 CAD for anywhere in the world!! I was extremely impressed with shipping speed, and the very friendly customer service with how quickly I was responded too with any questions.

Go get yours Today!!!

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