Thursday, May 3, 2012

Donate A Hijab Program

Asalam alikoum sisters!

   I wanted to let you know of a program started by sister Reem Saenz from the  Dallas Fort Worth Area Mashallah! Sister Reem has started Donate A Hijab Program. This was originally started to help sisters in the Monterrey Mexico area as there is a real lack of Hijabs and Islamic clothing and has developed into helping sisters in other communities as well Mashallah.    
There has been a demand for sisters in areas where there may not be a large selection of Islamic clothing. The Donate a Hijab program is a NON PROFIT program that will enable to help Muslimah converts all over the world to get a hijab and proper Islamic wear.

Please Take a moment to watch this video:

If you have a spare new or used hijab, abaya, hijab pins, underscarves or whatever please contact sister Reem at

Or message sister Reem on Her Facebook Page

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