Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: Temple of the LION - The Darius Chronicles Vol.1 By Abdullah Kirk

   Anyone who knows me well knows I enjoy a good read, and that I LOVE animals especially lions. I was very pleasantly pleased with my newest read the first published book of brother Abdullah Kirk. For those that attend Sunnahfollowers you will know him as one of our dear brothers in Islam and husband to sister Carmetta mashallah.
Okay back to topic. This book absolutely had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page through. This book depicts the story of several tribes of Lions throughout the earth over several generations. There are many lessons learned throughout the book and you can feel and see the writers merging Islam in its pure form and how innovations evolve through the dying out of the prophets, scholars and diyeen. It starts out with the story of a young Lion Maysa and her one survive cub Darius who is annointed at the next Diyeen to revive the pure religion and bring everyone back to the pure worship of Alahad. The story is primarily centered around Darius from a cub into adulthood and beyond during his term as Diyeen and the struggle he goes through to unite all the tribes as one throughout the earth.
For those who love action it has it, for those who love history it has it, for those that love sadness, happiness, love it has it all. This book runs ever gamut of emotions.

My recommendation: BUY THIS BOOK!!!

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