Friday, April 13, 2012

Asalam alikoum ladies! Welcome to my blog I certainly hope you all will like what I do post about. Finally in the land of bloggers..I know I know where have I been living!? Under a rock I suppose, many times thinking I am the only one yet who is not and thinking to myself okay I'm going to and never did..Well those days are no more I am now Officially in the land of blogging..whether I will LOVE or HATE it yet we will have to see. I am super excited but in the same time still learning the ins and outs of blogging so please be patient with me ladies. :)

Fashion and Beauty is one of my great passions. I strongly believe that Muslim women should be beautiful. Allah is beauty and he wants us to be beautiful and colorful as well.I am always searching and looking out for what I would term trendy hijabi..something that is appropriate for the Muslimah ladies yet beautiful, fashionable, and trendy.Whether its a extra long and wide skirt, or wide flared legged pants, to a colorful and beautiful top or maxi dress. Don't get me wrong I love my abayas, but sometimes we want a little more punch of color and pattern. I hope to blog and suggest ways of using some of the latest styles and merging them with appropriate Muslimah looks for a beautiful, classy, and modest look.

In my blog I hope to open up ideas to new converts to Islam and ones who have been Muslim all their life ideas for what may make good hijab outfits and accessories, whether from My Shop , from other sister's online stores, in a book or magazine, in a local shop, etc. Any and all Muslim sisters who wear hijab know it can be a daily struggle to get it right to look modest. beautiful, and in the same time look fashionable. As a Muslimah living in the west we are walking a fine line in our desires to be modest and obey Allah swt commandments yet in the same time be fun, fashionable, and colorful wardrobe. I understand not ALL of the sisters like to wear Abayas, personally I find them elegant and sophisticated esp when speaking of beautiful embellished Abayas that we are now seeing coming out of the Middle East, and now thankfully even American companies are offering some very stylish abayas and caftans.

Looking forward to blogging and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Asalam alikoum sisters,

Malinda - AKA..The Trendy Hijabi

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  1. Wswrwb sister great post! Yea isn't great that there are soooooooo many ways to style your wardrobe with the combo of fashion, beauty and modesty! Isa, can't wait to see what u hav to offer in reguards to different styles and whatnot.